Inner Strength in the Fog

The air is foggy

the path is long

outlook is grim

where there is no dawn

Finding a place to shelter

hide from the evil

frightening sounds surround me

feeling quite feeble

Looking at my necklace

an heirloom from the past

a gracious reminder of strength

that the darkness does not last

Rising up

embracing an inner strength

gift from my ancestors

from the strongest to the weakest link

Fighting through the darkness

the fog begins to dissapate

the sun appears in the sky

it’s not too late

Walking along

spirit begins to soar

love and light

sending evil to the door

A new day

dew begins to sparkle

small inner worlds of beauty

my spirit marvels

Within the mist

birds are singing

abundance surrounds me

wind chimes are ringing

All fear is gone

evil is defeated this day

only love surrounds me

as I walk away

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


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