Enigma of Life

Accepting the challenge

to find the origins of ripple marks

under the shallow waters

before it gets dark

The enigma began years ago

on the conquest for a spice

that grants eternal youth

for a price

The stream represents

the quest of the old

seeking a return to youth

before they turn to mold

Each mark a life

whose emotions were blue

giving up on adventure

searching for a mirror view

The stream flows into a river

filled with abundance of strife

rapids and waterfalls

the excitement of life

Mystery solved

those who remained in the stream

never finding purpose

living in a dream

Those that flowed into the river

grew beyond this world

journeyed through life and death

as each adventure unfurled

Continuing on into eternity

abundance at each turn

the obstacles in each space

encouraging the spirit to learn

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


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