The Doll

The image is from Viktor Forgacs at Unsplash

Years passed slowly

till a man cut a swath through the field

the body in pieces

with no soul to yield

Once a wellspring of knowledge

often sought out

babbling words of wisdom

as she scampered about

Used in an opera

till the message fell on deaf ears

owner succumbed to a terminal illness

in a time filled with fear

Now in pieces

chopped up like a log

old and tired

wet in a bog

Extremities are lax

hardened by the lapse of time

rickety screws rusted

filled with grime

A child accompanies the man

eyes filled with wonder

excited at the possibility of life

reached down to hug her

Weeks passed

the man put the doll together again

the child sewed fine garments

for her new friend

Now renewed

the doll dances in a child’s arms

living in the limelight again

in a world filled with charm

A new soul granted

filled with love from old

passed down through the generations

with wonderful stories to be told

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce



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