Diorama of an Internal Battle

Wounded from pain in the past

spindles piercing my heart

whining as I create

searching for healing in art

Working on a period piece

filled with tiny animals

representing varying emotions

nothing is rationale

Pain represented in the whale

with a piecing cry

wanting to be left alone

in an effort to die

Having been clobbered

by a salvo of cheap verbal jabs

spirit is weak and barely moving

being chased for food by crabs

Carried into the ocean

by currents in the waves

taken into a coral reef

in an attempt to be saved

Colorful fish

candy for the eye

playfully swimming around

making me laugh instead of cry

Dolphins come

taking me away

surfing the waves

dawn of a new day

Riding a wave

now on a cliff

wanting to live again

having made a shift

Spirit is healed

stronger than before

moving forward in the journey

walking through a new door

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. I heard about the devastating tornado in Mississippi and recalled that you are from there. I’m hoping all is well with you and yours, in Jesus name.

    • Thank you for checking on me. I am well. There is no damage from the tornado in this area. I live in Central Mississippi about 100 miles southeast of Rolling Fork. It is so sad with 23 people dead and others injured. The devastation in that area is severe. All prayers for people in this area of our state are appreciated. Thanks. Have a wonderful day!

      • I’m glad you are safe, and I have a prayer in my heart, in Jesus name, for those suffering. Our whole country needs prayer. Here in Ohio, the skies are blue, no rain, no storm, but today’s winds have just devasted the area where I live, and it’s all of central Ohio. I just made a post with some pictures.

      • The wind damage in Ohio doesn’t even compare to the tragedy in Mississippi, but I thought it was so strange that the skies were blue, no rain, and no storm at all in Ohio, and the wind did an enormous amount of damage. I wear a t-shirt that says, “Normal Isn’t Coming Back. Jesus Is. Revelation 14”

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