Reflections of the New Year

On my morning walk

in the advent of the new year

with a broad spectrum of thoughts

some bringing me to tears

Thoughts of the new year

put me into a tizzy

with the tenet of living in the moment

made me slightly dizzy

In this moment

embracing the past, present, and future

all things are possible

even the rumors

Perhaps learn to fly

go deep into space

fun to traveling to the stars

or to Heaven’s gates

Could become a drop

of water from the rain

nourishing life

so much to gain

Then there is silence

listening to the wind

so much to be heard

messages to send

Looking to the sun

shining so bright

in this present moment

all options are right

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


  1. This is like spinning a wheel of fortune with no slot for bankrupt.
    Happy New Year from Tennessee!

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