The Fearful Vortex

High above the mountain

pulling souls in

the vortex grows

feeding off fears within

The avatar becomes the vessel

filled with fervent greed

doing whatever is necessary

to satisfy every need

Grilled by tormentors

night and day

thunder and lightening strike

when they do not get their way

All that remains is a zombie

returned to haunt the earth

luring other poor souls

that do not know their worth

Through the clouds

comes a flicker of light

then the sun rises

everything is bright

A champion comes

taking away all fear

rescuing souls in the vortex

drawing them near

A new avatar

throws away the fears of old

living in calm and serenity

lovely to behold

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


    • Thank you. It’s a fun challenge for me to combine prompts. The zombie prompt is a great Halloween word with so many possibilities. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

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