Nightmare at Grandmother’s House

A small child with a dream

quickly became a nightmare

a visit with grandparents

prattling about the scare

Asleep on the couch

the nightmare began

ghost calling the child

to get up and stand

Other spirits joined them

taking the child to each room

walls closing in

each filled with impending doom

In the kitchen

grandmother stood

turning around a disguised

skeleton face beneath a hood

Running into the garage

headstones began to pop up

fire and smoke everywhere

things began to blowup


running into the yard

being grabbed

by a man heavily scarred

Spirit rising

into the sky

the child can’t wake up

and starts to cry

Mother tells the child

there is some sad news

grandmother has died

time to go view

Nightmare becomes a reality

looking in the casket

the skeleton face under a hood

holding grandmother’s head in a basket

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. I think most writers dread anyone saying, “Wow, that’s a nightmare,” but let me just say this: “THAT, Sister, IS a nightMARE…and masterfully presented, I must say. I must also say thank you. Thank you.

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