The Alien Nightmare

With deep resignation

I left the light

enveloped in darkness

great torment in sight

Up in the air

the aliens are so lean

surrounding me

can hear a loud scream

Led to a table

realizing the scream is mine

gregarious aliens surround me

my teeth begin to grind

First in friendship

offering my desires

living in the darkness

attached to their wires

Resisting the temptations

soon on a table

experiments done

now disable

Calling to God

loud thunder in the air

suddenly released

free from the snare

Rising again

this time returned to bed

calmness returns

there is no dread

Morning comes

the sun filters through

was the encounter real

or some form of deja vu

Time passes

no more aliens have appeared

still no answers but

no longer living in fear

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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