Lily Pads

It was strictly

a chance encounter

a young man fishing

an out of towner

A fallible young man

with a paperclip

captured a lily pad

when he took a dip

Taking the lily pad

he made his way home

tossed in another lake

it was alone

Time passes

the lily pad grows

now taking over the lake

how many no one knows

Disappearing aquatic life

unable to breathe

lily pads take over

time for it to leave

As the lake is cleaned

aquatic life reappears

grateful for the time

spent by volunteers

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


    • Thank you. I agree. Another invasive plant here is kudzu that was brought over here after world war 2. Extremely difficult to control. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

      • Kudzu was the first thing I thought of. Here in Florida, Popcorn Tree is also considered an invasive weed. It has the prettiest shaped leaves, but it is not a good one…

  1. Fine work, D. Even up here in heaven (ie Vermont) we have similar issues. And it’s not just vegetation, either… Zebra mussels! ick

  2. You have told a story that no one has ever told, and in such a way as those who read, will be sure to transpose it, to their own life’s adventures. Such as feat is what we as writers, should always aspire to accomplish. Fantastic…

    I have some friends who write and read poetry. Would you mind if I read some of yours, aloud, to the group? I will be sure to credit you fully, and tell them how to find this blog site.

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