Spaghetti highway

Lonely on a busy highway

a reminder of life right now

pretense that we are all together

having a fun powwow

So many different avenues

everyone taking a different route

passing each other

there is no way out

In the spaghetti junction

deciding to race

weaving in and out

hoping to escape

Others decide to join

having fun going great speeds

some jumping the barriers

others fighting for the lead

Is there an exit

no one knows for sure

it’s a little fun

creating a detour

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. Hello… I just happened to find myself at your door, while blog hopping. I got so caught up, and could not find a stopping place, then I came to where it said to put in my email address, and be further compelled. So I did, and it took me to this poem, where there are no other visitors in sight. Am I the first? Is this a hidden post? Should I reflect on your incredible writing skills, or perhaps acknowledge your driving prowess? What are preferred proper comments here? I do not want to trifle with tradition. What if I should break into a riff?
    (These things happen.)

    • Hi. Thank you for reading my blog. You are the first to visit my blog tonight. I normally write earlier in the day. This is a positive blog that is written for fun. I invite comments but do not engage in riffs. My blog is meant to be lighthearted and a pleasant read sort of like the old comics page in newspapers. Have a wonderful day!

      • By riffing, I only mean, my commentary might rhyme, just a little. (I have a rhyming disorder.)
        By the way, I hail from Memphis. I grew up in the Mississippi Delta. (I call it home.)
        Thank you for responding. I look forward to your future posts here.

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