My Epitaph

I am reminded today of how little we know about our ancestor’s lives. Sure ancestry sites can tell us their names and a time period but not about how they lived, loved, or experienced the world around them. There is just some dates separated by a line. What happened during that line? Beyond census records and maybe a newspaper article or name in a Bible what made them tick?

I am going to let these sources tell the basics about me. In an attempt to answer some questions I am going to tell you who I am and how I experience the world around me. Throughout the years there have many experiences good and bad.

Love is where this story will begin. I had been blessed with my soul mate later in life. Our marriage was one of joy and true love. He passed away over two years ago but he still lives just not in this physical world. One thing to remember is that true love never dies. His presence is still here and I look forward to the day when we are reunited and living forever together.

But love has not always been so sweet. My first marriage ended in divorce which was extremely painful. I was married to a sociopath and after years of abuse I finally left the marriage. It was a harrowing experience that would make an excellent horror story.

The next part of this story has to do with faith. I believe in God and His son Jesus Christ. My life has been filled with the Holy Spirit protecting me even in the darkest of times. Opening up to complete trust has been difficult and is a life long journey. There have been and continue to be many questions. One thing that is consistent and always will be is that God never leaves me. He is my protection and hope.

I have often wondered what parts of my ancestors continues through me. One is the ability to write poetry and tell a story. Some of my current extended family have this skill. It seems so personal but I am excited to carry on this tradition. Storytelling is not something that has ever been discussed but my memory is filled with those long gone who had the talent of tell stories that are real and some that are wonderful tall tales. The stories are a testament to how they experienced life.

Remembering all those wonderful people fills me with joy. So much of the family stories are colorful and rich. Living in time periods that were filled with war, depression, and incredible poverty, the courage of these people continues to inspire me. Their stories are now confined to the tombstones with names and dates. This saddens me as I have no one to pass them onto. I often use their stories for inspiration and perhaps that will help some of who they were to live on.

Another portion of my life has been filled with travel. I have been blessed to visit many places in this country as well as abroad. Earth is a beautiful place filled with wonder and adventure. I have fallen in love with nature and all the wildlife that calls her home. The spirit of the land has become a part of me and is another source of inspiration. This spirit also resided in my ancestors as they were farmers and enjoyed watching things grow.

Another part of my story is volunteering. So many blessings have come from serving others. In times of turmoil people gain strength and power working together. This has been a consistent theme throughout the history of my ancestors.

So what is my epitaph? After my ashes are scattered over a memorial coral reef there will be a plague on the wall. When it is cleared by people in the future my life will be summed up as follows:

In service and love

her spirit lives eternally

#love never dies

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. Hi Debbie, it can be hard revealing so much of ourselves in such a public forum. I think you did it with great grace, gentleness and love.

    • Thank you. The last great storyteller of my parent’s generation is about to pass. Her legacy lives within me and it was a joy to write my epitaph on this forum so that perhaps future generations will get a glimpse into who we were and how we lived. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

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