The Old Swing

The swing was uncanny familiar

a memory from the past

a time when things were simple

made to last

The sun was out

a warm summer day

friends were everywhere

wanting to play

Who could swing the highest

and then jump

winner was the most distance

without landing on their rump

Blushing and

afraid to try

a friend pushed me

as I tried not to cry

Swinging higher

suddenly all fear was gone

the clouds were so close

friends egging me on

Time to jump

gathering all the courage I had

landing on my feet

distance not bad

Laughter and hugs

all around

it felt so good

to be on the ground

Memory fading

a smile on my face

climbing on the old swing

enjoying the pace

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


    • There many types of adventures in this life and all take courage. We are never too old to try something new. I admire your adventure in ministry. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

  1. Your poem brings back lots of good memories. We’d spend hours on our swings in the back yard, or in the park seeing how high we could go. πŸ™‚

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