An Afternoon Dream

Sitting on the lanai

with an antimacassar on my chair

on this lackadaisical day

filled with gorgeous sunshine and crisp air

Thoughts swaying

as my eyes begin to close

wind humming a lullaby

a dream arose

Riding a dolphin

jumping through the waves

a whirlwind appears

taking me away

A magical place

a cow jumps over the moon

a fairytale universe

where maidens swoon

Stories come to life

anything in my imagination

living all adventures

transportation at any station

On a rainbow

flavors of ice cream take form

much to my delight

birthday cake is the norm

A water slide appears

curves and waves take me home

surprised when I awake

to see that I am alone

Leaving the lanai

walking along the beach

serenity in the ocean

happiness always within reach

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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