The Bodacious Dream

Reading a book

tired from a long day

lifting my wand

demanding a bodacious play

The book came alive

transforming everything around

found myself to be a princess

complete with a crown

Richly adorned

in a forest so deep

creatures surrounding me

monsters in my sleep

Gathering my courage

the battles began

taking a sword with skill

monsters disappeared from the land

Back in the castle

adorned in a beautiful gown

the book continued to float

the next chapter a countdown

A choice between good and evil

would decide the end

the royal court assembled

complete with jester and a friend

The jester played

out my life

choose evil

and be filled with excitement and strife

The friend stepped forward

calming my soul down

loving all the kingdom

would save the crown

Choice made

my gown began to change

reflecting the kingdom

which looked quite strange

Awakening from the dream

feeling content

walking in the forest

my spirit grateful for the ascent

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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