The Silent Figure

Sitting atop the sand

parched figure in the sun

so many mysteries

studied by one

The nincompoop thought

he could get the figure to rise

show the world a god

another ruler to despise

Taking a staff

casting a spell in the night air

thunder and lightening struck

drama with a flair

He cast yet another spell

yelling at the top of his lungs

the figure would not listen

biting its tongue

People stood around

watching the show

many laughing as the man

how far would he go

Next step was to transfer

some of his life energy

commanding the figure to rise

and restore all historical memory

The figure remained silent

never making a move

tired and disappointed

the man lost his groove

Still a mystery

perhaps till the end of time

the figure guards the desert

as the eternal clock chimes

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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