The Uninvited Guest

A beautiful spring day

enjoying a meal

an unexpected visitor

made an appeal

Abhor the site

the mosquito took a seat

feeling quite confident

an abstemious creature to defeat

The mosquito’s wings fluttered

as he landed on my skin

I randomly swatted my hand

on a whim

Leaving a welt

now buzzing near my ear

shaking my head and swatting

falling on my rear

Bug spray gathered

after a few choice words

spraying the patio

vision now blurred

Smoke clears

the mosquito is gone

plotting a new plan

a solution to count on

Late afternoon

on another day

tiki torches out

uncomfortable for the mosquito to play

Enjoying dinner

in the yard there is a song

mosquito staying in the yard

where he belongs

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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