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Traveling Spirits

Traveling the forest

with a gun in hand

being a vagrant

spreading light across the land

Partially hidden

a hood hides your face

walking the land

with a mission to embrace

A personality with pizzazz

with some hidden mystery

I was fortunate to meet you

on my life journey

Crossing the span of time

we meet in spirit each day

bright light encompasses you

spreading happiness along the way

The time will come

when we live forever

the dark will not hide your face

your spirit I will always treasure

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce

By pipersadventures9

Piper Pierce is a Mississippi native who loves to experience the journey through life.

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Thank you. It was a fun picture and I was attempting to answer your question of the week as well. Most of my poetry comes from the times my late husband and I spent in nature. Grief is a difficult thing and his spirit feels near me every time I write. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

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