Staring into a Vision

Staring out the window

of his hobbit home

the man shivers

knowing he is not alone

There is a sizzle

a pleasant fragrant smell

something unusual

not knowing it well

A past experience is relived

being taken into a UFO

strange beings cooking

begging him not to go

Up into the structure

a rope hanging from a tree

the beings begin grabbing him

he falls to his knees

The fragrant aroma continues

intense light from the sun

blinded temporarily

wanting to run

A small being speaks

please come in

the fragrant aroma in the air

causing his head to spin

Memories flow

trying to piece the puzzle

then suddenly the fragrant aroma disappears

there is no more struggle

Quiet and serene

the lights and voice fade

sight returning to normal

now in the shade

Awakening now

was it just a dream

staring out the window

his eyes now gleam

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. Your imagination is amazing! I didn’t create a poem based on this picture, but I remember when I first saw it I thought of the Hobbit too. At first I thought it was the beard, but as I look at it more carefully, it’s not the beard actually, but the round window frame and the wooden wall.
    I enjoyed reading yours. It made me smile.

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