Smokey Mountain Train Ride

A train ride in the mountains

a beautiful fall day

saluting everyone

as we pull away

The antithesis of spring

coolness in the air

the leaves are colorful

bold and bright with a flair

Up the mountain we chug

minstrels sing a song

drawing us into the music

raising mugs we sing along

The top of the mountain

time to turn around

stopping for a picnic

before the caboose leads us down

Slowing coming down

watching kayaks in the stream

cars rocking slowly

a midday dream

Back at the station

stepping into the museum

a fun look at history

enjoying the freedom

End of the day

mountains are a fun vacation

hiking and camping

our souls are awakened

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. We do that every year, too, up here in the Green Mountains on Vermont’s Canadian border…
    Always worth the trip. Nice capture, Piper!

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