The Evil Knight

He rode down the path

outre in his clothes

insolent in his manner

without consult did he impose

Striking fear

taking knowledge away

burning everything in sight

his heart has gone astray

In a small village

he encounters resistance

the battle rages on

the people are insistent

The knight is baffled

how dare they not bow down

he is superior

demanding the crown

The battle continues

till the people win the day

the knight has been defeated

the body thrown away

The knight’s spirit

returns back to whence it came

the evil has been defeated

things will never be the same

There is a great celebration

feasting and dancing into the night

a new age of freedom

life filled with delight

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. Draw swords
    Battle the hoards
    Rhyme and dance
    cast the enemy askance

    Sorry! The flow of battle and rhyme in your poem was amazing. Maybe me want to fight and rhyme too. Well done.

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