A Fireworks Show

Sitting on a bench

waiting for the fireworks to start

a teenager lighted a fizgig

to play a small part

The show was superior

constant magic in the air

light dancing to the music

life with a flair

Watching the bright colors

create something new

was this how the universe began

with a bang that grew

Becoming a part of it

dancing to the tunes

with each new light

came a boom

After a while

it all came to an end

a spectacular memory

leaving my face with a grin

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce





  1. My 1st date w/ My Beloved Sandra (30 yrs ago) was the local fireworks, July 4th. Best show EVERRRRR!!! Nice write, Pipergirl.

    • That sounds like a fun 1st date. So happy that you guys have been together for 30 years. It’s wonderful to journey through life with the right person. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

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