Reflections of Light

Drawn by the diamonds

into the world of fantasy

the light reflections

occur naturally

A clover design

sits on the edge

a tiny gnome appears

his throne a hedge

An echo occurs

from a realm far away

I can hear him clearly

on this day

Ah my dear

a choice for you

instant fame and fortune

or a life of servitude

With a twinkle in his eye

glee in his voice

considering my welfare

given the interesting choice

In a moment it was clear

what was at stake

heaven or hell

which route to take

Fame and fortune

comes at a cost

constantly chasing material things

my soul could get lost

Choosing servitude

aiming at a higher goal

good times and bad

it would take a toll

The gnome laughed

as I was sent back

leaving the fantasy world

my life still intact

The beautiful sunset

gives way to the night

each day making a choice

memories of diamonds reflecting light

Is life real

or is it an illusion

choices are made

only the soul knows the conclusion

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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