A Choice

Hanging onto the beam

trying not to look at the ground

he had taken the bait

thought his fate was bound

Dangling feet

the sky showing history

of a savory life

some actions a mystery

He had taken to mollynogging

then placed bets at the race

promises of immense pleasure

nothing could replace

Hands slipping now

he saw what could have been

a wife and family

love that would never bend

One hand falls

the earth opens with fire

so deep is the pit

his situation is dire

It seemed so innocent

there would never be any pain

how little did he know

his soul would not gain

His other hand slips

falling into the flaming pit

screaming as he goes down

fearing for his spirit

Waking up in his bed

body filled with sweat

was it real or a warning

a destiny not yet met

Time to make a choice

about the life he leads

will the path continue

or will that destiny take heed

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce





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