Shepherds Journey

A group of ulotrichous shepherds

moving forward each day

lead the flock

along the pathway

This trip is unique

it parts from the past

to a new promised land

prosperity to last

The land flows like milk

plenty of grass

filled with food and shelter

they will live first class

Honey in the summer

sweet drink glass filled to the rim

there is a river

wonderful place to swim

The smoky mountains protect them

give them safe places to stay

marking a boundary for the sheep

so none will stray

The journey is over

the soul is filled with joy

time to count blessings

and to enjoy

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. What a wonderful ode to the shepherd and his flock. You’re so good at creating a great rhythm and flow with your poems.

    I’m confused though. Piper or Debbie?

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