Fun Childhood Memory


Happy Halloween! This is my favourite Halloween show. Charles Shulz was a genius who could spread life and morals through this characters. This remains one of my happy places. 

There was a pumpkin patch

where the moon light was bright

Linus brought a friend

to wait in the night


It was spooky 

in the mist

waiting with Sally

was pure bliss


The others 

had such fun

trick or treating for candy

getting to run


Charlie had fun

collecting rocks

always getting the trick

with each block


Snoopy battled the

world war one flying ace

on his flying house

getting shot down with grace


Violet’s party 

Snoopy grappled

hiding in water

kissing Lucy bobbing for apples


In the end it was Snoopy

who stole the show

rising out of the pumpkin patch

causing Linus to grow


Really irate

Linus rants to all

finding a sincere pumpkin patch

will cause Santa to fall


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce


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