OctPoWriMo Prompts: Eyes or What do you see: The Clouds

Clouds 1

Looking at the clouds

such a beautiful sight

what do you see

looking into the light


Much depends

on your attitude

could be something pleasant

granting contentment and gratitude


Could be hungry

a cloud hamburger delight

or perhaps a garden vegetables

depending on your appetite


Perhaps the spiritual

seeing God in the clouds

praying inwardly 

or perhaps out loud


Some people see animals

so perfectly made

each in its own habitat

or under tree shade


Some see the ocean

the waves coming in

the vastness of water

watching sea creatures swim


Perhaps there is a storm

thunder, lightening, and rain

so powerful

hard to stay sane


What our eyes see

is our perception of the world

always filled with wonder

as each adventure unfurls


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce






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