fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-35/The Living Statue



Standing perfectly still waiting for the right moment. The sights and sounds are compelling as the anticipation grows. Crowds watch for a movement that no one knows. Finally the time comes and suddenly I move. Bam! Shock fills the air as I find my groove.  The people watching jump and are unable to move.

Having all these people around makes me appreciate life. Watching others helps me to avoid strife. Some people regard me as an oddity while others admire my precision. Often I will be absolutely still and just observe the life surrounding me. Every human emotion is played out while I watch. Some people live quietly and others march. At the appropriate time when the crowd is large, I will come alive and move from one stance to another. The children will scream with excitement as others cry with fear. Their faces are priceless. Taunts will come when some seek attention. Experience  helps me to know what are their intentions.

It takes discipline to live this way. Life changes in an instant no matter which way we sway. Time to stand still and set it all up again. Living in each moment has become my friend.

This time covered with dark paint. A suit and hat made from paper sets up my escape. Time comes and the sun begins to set. Now to begin walking, mechanical with each step. My fun continues as many people begin to scream. Seeing the image of a perceived ghost enhances the scene.

Home now. Resting before it all begins again. Watch out and you may see me when the light is dim.

copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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