Premonition: One Day

cypress swamp from left side march 31

I had a premonition

about the days to come

walking into a place of beauty

where all are welcome


There were birds

singing in the trees

a place of great joy

with flowers and bees


There was no pain

sickness or dread

only contentment

everyone had a bed


There was food

an abundance for all

no one is hungry

a banquet and a ball


The journey will be complete

the world will be one

all spirits in harmony

no need to run


Meditation over

my spirit is renewed

connected to the Heavenly Father

this journey is a prelude


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


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    • Thank you. The nocturnal animals are probably loud at that spot. That picture was taken at the Cypress Swamp on the Natchez Trace in Mississippi. It is a very still and quiet place. Have a wonderful day!

  1. I dream of that place often. I awake to the gorgeous sun rising in the eastern sky. Very soon He will return in place of that sun and we will live in that beautiful bliss you wrote of. Thank you…

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