Relocate : Power in the Journey

cypress swamp stairs march 2017


Relocating emotions

walking through the path of life

discarding anxiety and fear

sending away the strife


There are new things to see

experiences that enhance who we are

climbing the stairway of life

some things are ajar


Filled with faith

each experience a stair

the wonder of it all

till we hit Heaven’s air


Much joy to experience

new friends to find

absorbing all things around

like a fine wine


There is boldness

some pain along the way

discarding the hurt

lessons to be learned while away


The journey continues

far beyond this Earthly existence

taking adventures with love

enjoying the distance


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. Wow, this was really nice Lieutenant Pierce. I noticed you are frequently using the word “Ajar”. Am I sensing a slight creative crysis? šŸ˜€ Just joking. Your creativity can’t be challenged.

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