How to Feed a Vampire

mount locust slave cemetery trail april 27


This is a poem for  Halloween. Thanks to Dronstad  for the inspiration of vampires and the many forms that they take. Happy Halloween!


The bell calls to me

awakened by the tone

a cool wind enables

me to take each one


The energy of cruelty

calls to each one near

stealing their energy

taking away what is dear


It’s dark now

up to the fluffed trees

taking the form of a bat

prey falling to their knees


I am full now having

taken all they had to give

oppression is my weapon

taking the will to live


How to kill me

to end my life blood

it is possible

to cease the flood


Fortunately for me

feeding on how they live

mankind will never learn

the way to kill me is to give


Treating others with kindness

love and respect

destroys the bell that calls me

the one I expect


Moving forward now

waiting for the next bell to toll

menacing others around me

enjoying being a vampire troll


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce



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