Waterfall Enamored with Structure

waterfall structure


Water coming down the falls

creating unique structures along the way

such beauty and power

creating new pictures each day


What a wonderful form of energy

so unique and alive

lifting up our spirits

essential for us to survive


Beautiful crevices

carved across time and space

new life emerges

as the water increases its pace


Each drop sparkles

as the structure changes

creating a new palette of colors

as light reflects the exchanges


We are enamored

with this reflection of life

there is great beauty and power

among the waterfall’s strife


Peace returns

at the end of the fall

the new structure is complete

part of nature’s awe


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. I love this idea of the waterfall as nature carving a structure and you follow the idea beautifully through to the poem’s end. The third and fourth stanzas were especially nice for me.

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