Carousel in the Universe



clipart from Microsoft word

The universe is like

a carousel

revolving around the sun

coordinated so well


Each planet is unique

one even has rings

beauty in the heavens

giving the stars a song to sing


The universe tell a story

intrigue from beginning to end

a struggle between light and darkness

which one will trend


There is a burst of particles

filled with light

then comes a black hole

filled with the darkness of night


The celestial heavens reveal

the light of salvation

seasonal changes in the alignment

the story in the constellation


Earth is part of  the carousel

revolving in the sky

gazing at the heavens

beautiful to the eye


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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via Daily Prompt: Carousel


  1. It’s true. We are drifting..And in all that vastness.. We can only gaze.. Great post..

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