Fun Poem for the Hidden Meaning for Tea

sun on river mountain 1

A synonym for tea: marijuana

This was surprising for me when I read it. This is a fun little poem in dedication to the hidden meaning of tea.


I met a man in his sixties

drinking a long island tea

expressing a story

from when he was a hippie


He took a long drag

on his cigarette

about a different kind of tea

with no regret


It seems this tea

was grown in a pot

all around him were calm

smoking from this spot


The tea was also

cooked in a brownie mix

all who ate them

their munchies were fixed


He moved out west

where this special tea grew

living in the mountains

living that life anew


He has no regrets

growing tea on his farm

making a mellow profit

adding to his charm


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. Haha, Great take on tea. Wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes legal in upcoming months. Great post..

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