Life in Beautiful Old Cabins

old family cabin mississippi

picture courtesy of William Pierce

Beautiful old cabins

with swings on the porch

people laughing and drinking

keeping the fire with a torch


In the kitchen sweeping

cabins small and sweet

women with children

laughing with clean feet


Men working hard

with land to sow

feeding their families

with no money to owe


God blessed them

with a simpler time

love and laughter prevail

when life was in its prime


Our communities are tethered

together we are one

loving one another

each day having fun


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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  1. You made tethering a positive thing.. Hmm.. Many don’t see it like that.. You are too good..Sigh! The world is not…

    • Thanks for sharing. I agree. Many people do not see it like that. My husband and I enjoy our journey together. We face our life issues together. We are blessed. Thanks for reading.

  2. My county Putnam County has pretty well splattered enough that few if any of these old homeplaces still exist. But there are some still left in Jackson County and Overton County I think. Most southern people have at least one photograph of an ancestor that looks similar to this one.
    Have a blessed day.

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