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Comfort in the Light

biloxi lighthouse may 9

Light beams

from the lighthouse on the shore

relieving our anxieties

as we row our boats with oars


The waves are calm

as we navigate life’s pace

singing us a lullaby

in this spiritual place


Deep in prayer

along the water’s edge

seeking guidance

to stay off the ledge


The light is closer now

comforting us deep in the night

beckoning us to come home

everything is alright


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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By pipersadventures9

Piper Pierce is a Mississippi native who loves to experience the journey through life.

4 replies on “Comfort in the Light”

Much better than your highway to hell. As a sail boater in the Pacific NW, I came to love lighthouses. When on land would explore, climb to the top, as many now double as maritime museums. Such is progress.

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