Honeysuckle in the Spring

Honeysuckle blooming closeup


There are honeysuckles blooming

in the early spring

filled with life

part of nature’s ring


The circle of life

continues with each bloom

renewing our souls

like yarn on a loom


Our faith grows

with each passing year

blossoming our souls

listening to hear


God’s creation is awesome

sparkling each day

filling our hearts with wonder

observing nature’s way


Nurturing our souls

with each sweet blossom smell

filled with gratitude

for the beauty of nature as well


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. No one who has been in the South can deny the beautiful smell of honeysuckle. When I was a kid, we would pull them off the vine and pull out the bottom for that one tiny drop of nectar. It is the only flower I know of right off hand with enough nectar to actually see (and drink).

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