The sea is calm

all creatures are at rest

seals play on rocks

life is at its best

A volcanic eruption

causes tectonic plates to move

the sudden burst of energy

knocks everything off its groove

Sea creatures feel the change

something in the air

clouds overhead

the sun begins to glare

Traveling faster

the tsunami continues to grow

like a god

whose anger begins to flow

Innocents on an island

unprepared to take the wrath

going about their routines

unaware of the wave’s path

The sea pulls back

an islander catches the sign

signally everyone to run

there is little time

Taking without mercy

all things return to the sea

the tsunami crashes into the land

an angry god filled with glee

Peace returns

the sun shines overhead

the survivors rebuild

mourning their dead

Never to be defeated

the survivors make another paradise

knowing that life

is a roll of the dice

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


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