Once upon a Magical Winter Day

One winter day

an affable elf was walking near a creek

coming across a maiden in tears

appearing severely weak

Slowly approaching her

the elf asked what is wrong

the maiden answered shilly-shally

almost in a song

A gnome has stolen my soul

now my heart is broken

how shall I live

with only emptiness as a token

Promising to help

the elf confronted the gnome

with an evil laugh

stated the soul was held in a dome

Not fazed the elf

shot a fiery magical arrow

shattering the dome

and turning the gnome into a sparrow

Returning the soul to the maiden

who kissed his cheek in gratitude

the elf looked at the sky and laughed

as the sparrow flew away with an attitude

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. Pardon my French, but I was so glad to see that punk ass gnome get what he deserves.
    Elf needs to walk Miss Maiden home, and she needs to not be going on rambles without a chaperone. I hear tell those gnomes travel in pairs.

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