The Trendy Place

On my morning walk

stopping for coffee in a trendy place

periwinkle glimmering in a scud of mist

expanding the atmosphere of the space

Soft jazz playing

mentally riding each note

total relaxation

spirit beginning to float

Cascading along

the musical staff

seeing the people looking like notes

made me laugh

A sock on the floor

appears as a quarter note

bouncing up and down

sliding down a musical slope

Having a premonition

that danger is near

coming back to reality

a shadow appears

A man attempts

to grab my bag

reacting quickly I tripped him

causing his feet to drag

Letting go of my bag

the man runs away

I get another cup of coffee

and resume my day

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


    • Thank you. The part about someone attempting to steal my bag was fictional. I needed an incident for word prompt premonition and that was the first that came to my mind. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

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