Walking in the Rain

Morning walk

rain pouring down

creek is rising

sensations abound

Savoring each droplet

with a flavor of its own

an ode to the season

as the leaves are blown

Creek creates a boundary

rising with the rain

forming water falls and rapids

whistling like a train

Gratifying the senses

making the skin tingle

each drop a renewal

causing eyes to twinkle

Jumping in one last puddle

laughing with delight

rain has stopped

sun now shining bright

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


  1. I know people who plan vacation weeks in hopes of getting caught in this moment,
    or at the least, those who would get away for a weekend, in search of time so we’ll spent.
    These sights available to the travailing equally as much as to a local resident,
    or a slacker, such as me, who pulled up the covers, at the sound of rain, and there opportunity went.

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