Lending a Hand

A beautiful day

walking down the street

new bicycle by my side

a stranger to meet

Working at an outside market

beginning a new life

the stranger had been homeless

spirit filled with strife

A benefactor

helped him to buy the place

believing in the future

bringing a smile to his face

Smiling as I approached

leaving the bicycle by his side

a gift of transportation

a most pleasant ride

Tears in his eye

grateful for the gift

riding around

gave my spirit a lift

As time passes

the stranger helps others in need

spreading love and encouragement

an example to heed

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. Payment forward, like a zero interest loan,
    to a worthy candidate, taken to task;
    might otherwise have gone frivolous,
    (it was here and then it was gone.)
    Tidy sum tidings, not too much to ask;
    as for value added, anybody’s guess.

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