The Soul Stealing Owl

The orange eyes beacon

in the middle of the night

the spirit in possession

now has precise sight

Choosing an owl

using its intuition

looking for some troubled soul

to put in a fiery prison

Flying high

in the dark sky

voice echoing

a scary cry

A man walks head bowed

silently in the street

coming to a stop

hearing a screech

Down on his luck

now a bum

cold and dirty

filled with glum

Owl lands

a soul to steal

promising glamour and wealth

an enticing deal

The man looks directly

into those orange eyes

recognizing the devil

and his lies

Reaching forward

grabbing the feet

killing the owl

now cooking fresh meat

The evil spirit leaves

not able to understand

there is still hope

in this man

Sun rises

the spirit of the man leaves

rising to paradise

with owl feathers on his sleeve

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce