A Vampire’s Nightmare

Suspended in the air

stealing the gift of life

the vampire frightens his victim

causing much strife

Drinking in the blood

tastier in fear

now in a frenzy

no help is near

Leaving the lifeless body

the vampire makes his way

crawling into the darkness

before the light of day

Awakening the next evening

something has changed

looking around

things are quite strange

The marble body

once strong with power

dna being rewritten

now being devoured

Organism growing

pain in his veins

a new body emerging

acquiring a soul in chains

Transformation complete

feeling constant fire

living without hope

situation is dire

Crying out for mercy

within the fires of hell

a hand lifts him

out of the fiery well

Thrown back into time

to where it all began

a choice to be a vampire

or a mere man

Awake again

blood continues to flow

vampire or a man

only the nightmare will know

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce

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