The Doors of Life

Standing in the field

staring at the doors

which one to walk through

to be rich or poor

Opening a door

to instant wealth

a luxurious lifestyle

filled with self

Luxury turns to greed

beauty loses its appeal

spirit becomes dark

longing for something real

Opening another door

filled with poverty

pain and suffering

living somberly

Life is difficult

never finding a friend

people turn on each other

survival till the end

There is a third door

combination of the two

quirky choices

slightly open with a view

Looking around

people helping each other

through times good and bad

everyone is a sister or brother

Poverty disappears

there is an abundance for all

gratitude for life

allowing no one to fall

Happiness lies

through love and grace

decisively walking through this door

a life to embrace

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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