The Young Hobo

The perfect plan

weeks to figure it out

jump onto the train

time to breakout

Standing on the edge

the tunnel is dark

getting in position

backing up for a jumpstart

Horn blows

the time is near

saw this on television

nothing to fear

A hobo’s life

looks so exciting

riding the rails for free

so inviting

Jumping into

the open door

the landing is hard

hurt to hit the floor

The cool breeze

flows through my hair

celebrating freedom

excitement with flair

Train stops

jumping out with a high

not noticing the conductor

plan now gone awry

Freedom gone

being toted off to jail

begging to everyone

to no avail

A judge has mercy

attributes behavior to being young

giving me community service

instead of being hung

Now work for the railroad

able to ride without cost

regaining my freedom

excitement is not lost

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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