The Aquarium

An echo of freedom can be heard

elevated high in the sky

majestic creatures

swimming quite high

With the click of a button

photographs are made

still and grand

hall in the shade

Humans gasp

and hold up their hands

hoping a creature will perform

an act quite grand

The sea creatures are unbothered

as they swim in the sun

living unencumbered

quiet and fun

The aquarium is a facade

humans thinking creatures are in bondage

magnificent creatures are free

not held hostage

Each are released

back into the wild

held only for protection

when having a child

Curious tourists

learn about their habitat

how lives are lived

a wonder at that

The humans and creatures

are each at peace

living in harmony

happiness is within reach

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. You’re right it’s a pleasant mirage. A wonderful dream to release them so they can go about their lives without our interference.

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