A Night Ascent

Deep in the woods

borborygmus can be heard

days without food

his vision was blurred

A wily character

he outwitted the others

ascending the mountain

using the night as cover

A widowmaker

stands at the top

one false move

his body will drop

Sliding on the rock

caught in an avalanche

falling further

he grabs a branch

A tree forms

a net

capturing the branch

there is hope yet

In the distance

there is a call

brothers in arms

saving him from a fall

Having learned to

rely on others

the man is surrounded

by his brothers

Climbing to the top

all join together in a shout

excitement in the air

no one is left out

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce





  1. Very cool combining the three prompts into one. I imagined an escaped convict outwitting the prison guards and then being rescued by his partners (brothers).

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