The Lucid Nightmare

Scurrilous creatures surrounded me

as the lucid dream began

an encounter like no other

liars saying I am damned

Hurling insults

mocking every aspect of my life

talking of fire and terror

an eternity filled with strife

Struggling to respond

more creatures began to scream

acting together

a court with a team

Darkness encompassed me

terror in my soul

falling into an abyss

from a childhood story of old

The abyss opened

a brilliant light appeared

encompassing my soul

taking away all fear

The creatures crouched

many ran away

no match for the light

paralyzed and could not sway

Lifted out of the abyss

hearing a comforting lullaby

awakening from the dream

I began to cry

The light stayed

until I was lulled back to sleep

knowing with certainty

God has my soul to keep

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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