The Coffee Chase

Sweet aroma filled the room

as the fluid began to drip

a typical morning

before the walking trip

With a leash in his mouth

Skipper headed toward the door

surely the human will share

and spill some coffee on the floor

Oh but there is also a filter

paper is so much fun

with a nefarious look

Skipper grabbed it and began to run

Thus the game began

Skipper is on borrowed time

when the human catches him

Skipper will pay for the crime

Jumping over furniture

human calling his name

grabbing the leash on the floor

the human is insane

A safe corner

tearing up the paper

the human trips the coffee pot

room fills with a pleasant vapor

Fluid on the floor

with a delightful taste

human attaches the leash

no time to waste

Skipper smiles

it was a fun game to play

walking in the coolness

on this cloudy day

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. What a wonderful frivolous poem about a dog. Love it, and thanks for writing it to fulfill my question. This shows just how much fund animals in our writing can be.

  2. I love it. I haven’t met a dog with a taste for coffee (yet,) but I bet a few I know would definitely eat a coffee filter. What a fun poem. 🙂

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