An Adventurous Fight

Prior to the storm

laughter could be heard

a fresh new captain

who had much to learn

Daring the storm to come

he sailed into the wind

rain beating down

with a message to send

The captain danced

as the waves began to roar

as the boat rocked

his arrogance soared

Lightening strikes

electricity in the air

a fight with nature

there is a dare

Thunder roars

waves going over the boat

the captain climbs to the top sail

and begins to gloat

The next few minutes

the scene is a blur

the outcome uncertain

the captain’s spirit undeterred

The storm passes

calmness returns

the boat reappears

all concerned

The captain shouts

I have defeated the storm

the universe is mine

the ultimate life form

Sailing into the sunset

happy as can be

looking for the next adventure

his spirit filled with glee

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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